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English 1

  • Course code         : ENG01    
  • Number of credits: 04 
  • Theory                  : 50 hours 
  • Self-learning         : 90 hours
  • Prerequisite           : Passed English A2

Objectives: aims to equip students with knowledge and skills to use English in the working environment, and at the same time, offer opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with questions in the first parts of the four-skill TOEIC test (Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing).

Listening skills:

  • Understand short, simple conversations about common work topics such as business travel, business location, work patterns, currency, etc.
  • Understand the necessary information in long conversations about certain things in the office.

Speaking skills:

  • Communicate more confidently and solve problems that arise in the working environment.
  • Express personal opinions on topics related to working environment, currency, type of work, etc.
  • Describe pictures with appropriate details, conveying details fluently with correct vocabulary and grammar.

Reading skills:

  • Understand articles, interviews, advertisements, letters, etc.
  • Draw experiences from working scenarios in the above readings. Reading comprehension, analytical thinking, and effective reading strategies.

Writing skills:

  • Build a paragraph in the form of correspondence (inquiry letter, confirmation of appointment, request for information update, etc.).
  • Use functional language to connect isolated elements into coherent structured articles.