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Seminar: "Developing Learners' English Skills for Employability"

The world has undergone a significant transformation in both its appearance and methods of communication and work to adapt to the Covid era. As a result, the human resources field is facing substantial challenges. Recruitment requirements now extend beyond professional qualifications and language proficiency; candidates must also possess the skills necessary to adapt and manage remote work.

The demand for technological proficiency continues to rise daily, necessitating regular updates in teaching resources for educators and students to stay in tune with the trends of the new world.

The seminar will provide educators with insights into the framework for assessing employability skills and the essential skills that learners need to excel in the workplace, such as active listening, presentation, and feedback skills. Additionally, it will introduce various practical scenarios or simulations to help learners practice, develop, and apply communication skills in diverse global work environments.

The keynote speech, "Developing Learners' English Skills for Employability," will cover various topics from the Business Partner series and address the following objectives:

  • Understanding the employability skills framework
  • In-class practical activities to help learners develop related skills
  • Guidance on incorporating the above activities into online lessons

Speaker: Margaret O'Keeffe

Margaret has a long-standing career in English language teaching and teacher training, with a wealth of experience. She has been involved in coordinating language program exams at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

Currently, she teaches, trains teachers, and assesses in higher education and business English at various companies. Lately, Margaret has been teaching English online to employees at a company in Moscow, and this summer, she became an assistant lecturer for EAP (English for Academic Purposes) in China.

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Time: 15:00 - 16:30 (Local time)

There will be three prizes for participants, consisting of three online English courses with POE (Pearson Online English).